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A Big Thank Your To Our Intern, Caroline!

During our summer internship program, Caroline helped spread the goals of The Athos Diet to the public. She took the lead on making social media and marketing decisions by creating content for our social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Caroline researched the world of blogs and podcasts to get an understanding of who else is on the internet that has similar messages to us. She reached out to nearly sixty people who discuss related content ranging from weight loss, to intermittent fasting and plant based diets. She analyzed sales statistics and looked for patterns in consumer activity. She helped to make changes to the website and suggested some edits to our book. Caroline has helped to make connections and set up interviews to help spread the message of The Athos Diet. Thank you Caroline from "The Athos Diet" team! Good luck this year as you finish your senior year at Penn State Univeristy!

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