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Dr Patitsas has a full plate! He is an Emergency Medicine Physician, has four kids, and has been married since 2007.  Before going to medical school, he owned a wellness center that employed massage therapists and a chiropractor.   He was an avid rugby player and even represented Greece's national team.   These responsibilities and experiences have given him great insight into the elements of health and well being.  He lives by "Purpose, Passion, Productivity."   

Informed by his Greek Orthodox heritage, he has discovered a method to stay healthy with high energy to meet the daily grind of every day! Dr Pete visited Greece many times as a youth and lived there after graduating college. He was forever impacted by his journey to Mt Athos in 2000.  He remembers it as a place of stillness, fullness, and adventure.  It was like a real life "Lord of the Rings" or "Narnia". A place where time stops and meaning is the highest good.

In medical school, Dr Pete researched the practices of Mt Athos with a scientific lens and optimized them through a medical perspective. He then lived the diet and in 48 days lost 35 lbs. He applied this knowledge while in his three years of residency.  This lifestyle allowed him to forgo eating for most of the day, lose weight, yet still take care of his family and his patients.  The diet has existed for over a millenia but it was only recently validated, refined, and optimized into the "The Athos Diet".   Change your paradigm by hacking your life with "The Athos Diet"!

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