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Dr Pete brings on MB Gayle

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

MB Gayle Joins the "Athos Diet" team.

MB Gayle spent most of her childhood, teen years, and twenties obsessing over weight, body image, and food. Having grown up in the low-fat era of The Food Pyramid and such terrible mantras as “A calorie is a calorie” and “Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels,” she has always struggled with her own physical and mental health, despite significant efforts. There were missing pieces to the advice that health professionals were giving. Why have people been pouring more time and money into losing weight than ever before, yet millennials are the heaviest generation to exist? This burning question led MB to earn her Master of Science in Obesity and Weight Management from University of South Wales where she focused her research on environmental endocrine disruptors and insulin resistance in women. MB wishes to help people learn about how the body works by making concepts in metabolic endocrinology accessible to everyone. Her love of books, music, dance, paint, video, animation, and theatre keeps her busy in Point of Rocks, MD where she lives with her inspiring husband and their three pet guinea pigs.

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